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Curiosity, agility, and a resolute will to deliver indiscernible value to our partners distinguish us as technology pioneers. A talented team of self-starters with a prevailing entrepreneurial spirit is instrumental to our success in reaching beyond our partners’ expectations.

Expertise Breakdown

At Scale

Utilizing effective cloud architecture and methodologies at scale for predictive modeling and lifetime value is intuitive analytics. As organizations create and utilize data at unprecedented rates, effective asset management is crucial to provide insight, optimize operations, and reduce costs. For decades, LMS Tech has developed the art of database science, assuring compliance, integrity, and optimization.


Flexibility, security, and economy make cloud computing indispensable. Our ability to utilize AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes has enabled us to implement cloud technology at scale. Creative use of cloud CRM solutions has proven indispensable in our partners’ abilities to connect with their customers. Seamless collaboration between LMS Tech and its partners expedites the ability to utilize data analytics and realize goals.


Our healthy obsession with technology established LMS Tech, driven by our application development and management ascendancy. Our aptitude with CRM, analytics, DevOps, and data science is the foundation for the flexibility and scalability to effect profound improvements for enterprise-level organizations.

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By the Numbers

200 Million

Global Impact on Cancer Screenings and Covid Testing

Since the outset of our partnership in 2015, Hologic’s products have globally addressed the medical needs of as many as 200 million. Our cloud CRM solution mobilized more than 200,000 women to schedule their mammograms safely during the Covid pandemic. In addition, Hologic provided over 200 million Covid tests to persons in underserved communities worldwide.

29 Years

Of Groundbreaking Technologies, Publicly-Traded Partners, Global Team

LMS Tech has served more than 1,000 partners since its founding, including over a dozen iconic multibillion-dollar franchises. Our team of SMEs has hundreds of years of combined experience in wide-ranging industries, with team members located in seven nations and more than a dozen states.

2 Million

Annual Guests, 15 Ships at Sea, 170 Worldwide Itineraries, 330 Worldwide Ports

LMS’ proprietary xOpsTools and Network Operations Center supports Princess Cruises’ MedallionClass® cruises application used on its entire fleet of 15 ships worldwide. Our operations monitor technical support of the application 24/7/365 for the iconic cruise line with an annual revenue of more than $2 billion.

Meet Our Subject Matter Experts

Angel Perez

Director of Partner Services

Angel approaches his leadership role with an entrepreneurial lens. Providing indiscernible value to our partners with a thorough understanding of their objectives serves him well. He comes to LMS with a broad business and marketing background and thrives on communicating with our partners to realize their goals.

Tori Toney

Marketing Manager

Tori handles the marketing side for the partner services team, face-to-face with our partners on their marketing campaigns. Marketing expertise, creativity, and being a pivotal communicator and leader in brainstorming sessions define Tori’s skills, backed by a history in customer service and brand marketing in the retail industry.

Anderson Costa

Director of Technology

Anderson brings years of experience in systems development, strategic consulting, business analysis, and product development. Throughout his career, he has led teams in developing and delivering user-friendly software to clients from start to finish. As DoT for LMS Tech, he leads a diverse team of technology professionals working with creative and marketing teams.

Rajat Narula

DevOps Director

Rajat has been with LMS since 2018. He developed our proprietary xOpsTools, a collection of monitoring and troubleshooting tools with process automation that support the MedallionClass® experiences on the entire fleet of partner Princess Cruises ships.

Katie Campbell

Software Engineer

Katie is a full-stack software engineer who takes on multiple tasks for diverse projects and clients. A key figure in database administration and application architecture, she develops and upgrades our applications and websites. She works remotely for both GEM and LMS Tech.

Lesley Girao

Web Developer

Versatility and focus serve Lesley well in her roles at LMS. Her title is web developer, but she brings much more to LMS. She works with multiple teams, testing systems, and building websites, apps, and dashboards. An Army veteran, she is a self-starter who works with the technology and creative teams.

Stuart Letizia

Graphic and UI Designer

Stuart is a graphic and UI designer with the technology and creative teams. He plays a vital role in designing and developing LMS websites, as well as the re-design and development of the next generation of xOpsTools, the heart of operations for client partner Carnival Corporation and Princess MedallionClass® cruises.

Bob Borelli

Director of Platform and Infrastructure

As the director, Bob monitors all system security and updates and assures company-wide best practices. He is a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and assists the DevOps team in multiple capacities. He comes to LMS with years of experience in data center administration and VMware solutions.

Daniel Ramdin

System Administrator

LMS System Administrator Daniel Ramdin is based in Orlando and monitors software and digital environments, systems, and security. He manages onboarding team members to the network, issuing devices, and setting up profiles.

Trisha Mitchell

Executive Creative Director

Trisha leads a team directly involved with each LMS subsidiary and partner. The creative team includes graphic, UI, multimedia designers, content writers, and web developers. She regularly interacts with all departments, ensuring brand consistency and voice across all platforms.

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