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Do you work in industries beyond the ones identified in your website?

Yes. While we specialize in the medical and hospitality industries, we are also involved with travel and tourism and have had partners in many other sectors.

What is the LMS guarantee?

We provide the expertise of a premier consulting firm and a trusted partner’s one-on-one attention to detail. As a dedicated team of technology-driven professionals, we are:

  • Committed to delivering discernible value to our partners
  • Laser-focused on innovative technology solutions
  • Agile entrepreneurs, adept at executing on a global scale
  • Honor-bound to results-oriented, stakeholder-driven integrated experiences

What does LMS mean by customized software and technology solutions?

LMS does not sell boxed solutions. We build tools and applications for each of our partners’ individual needs. We constantly upgrade and expand our services in response to our partners’ needs.

How does LMS scale as an organization to ensure partner success?

LMS begins with a core team of dedicated professionals based on the needs of our partners. If additional staff is required, our Human resources team has the outreach and ability to find the best self-starters locally or worldwide expeditiously from the most qualified candidates.

Do you have a Board of Directors?

We do not. We have one owner, Steve Cohen, and an experienced team of executives, consultants, and team leaders. We pride ourselves on being autonomous and answering only to our best judgment and proven results.

What is the difference between LMS Tech and GEM?

Both are subsidiaries of the parent company, LMS, Inc. LMS Tech is the development brand to create the latest CRM, data science, xOps, AI, and ML technologies. GEM is the service brand that utilizes all our technologies and personnel to deliver the guest experiences our partners can only imagine.

What types of support does LMS offer?

With all of our technologies and services in both brands, we support them 24/7/365. Each partner has a dedicated team to monitor and rectify their concerns. We are backed by a highly-experienced team in network operations and database technologies to support worldwide operations. One of our guiding principles is, “Hire people you think will behave like an entrepreneur,” and our HR team sees that we do.

How do you ensure data privacy and security?

Protecting sensitive information is vital to maintaining the data integrity of an organization. Our incident management team safeguards critical data and systems 24/7, confronting potential threats while minimizing their impact on operations.

What methodologies of project management does LMS use?

Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

What types of in-house expertise does LMS employ?

We seek self-starters and SMEs for our projects. LMS has experts specialized in front-end and back-end developers, DevOps, AWS-certified technicians, UX/UI, scrum master, and project management. Our human resources team recruits for both company and client-specific needs. We also have personnel in experience operations, change management, data integrity, hospitality, partner services, content writing, graphic design, and accounting.

What makes LMS different from competitors?

Trust, ability, loyalty, and curiosity. Our people work quickly without bureaucracy, and they have the freedom to make decisions for themselves. Scalability, flexibility, and the drive to achieve beyond our partners’ dreams and support them 24/7 is a winning combination.

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At LMS, people skills are as essential as technical skills. We invest in our team, support their continued development, and value character and long-term relationships above all else. See our featured jobs for technical career opportunities.

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